On the Issues

Dana is committed to Making the NVSWCD a More Inclusive institution.

I see this candidacy as an opportunity to merge my education and dedication, and to empower our county to lead by example in sustainable practices. Through collaborative grassroots efforts, I aim to cultivate a resilient ecosystem and foster a brighter future for Fairfax County.

Marginalized Communities

Many remain unaware of the district’s existence and its offerings, particularly marginalized communities facing barriers to accessing this crucial information.

Resources & Tools

Dana firmly believes that it is the collective responsibility to provide everyone with the tools and understanding necessary to embrace environmental stewardship.

Foster Eco-Conciousness

Actively engage with youth and communities previously untouched by conservation efforts. She seeks to foster a more environmentally conscious society.

Preserve Native Species

Advocate for policies that prioritize the preservation of native plants and trees, promoting measures to control and limit the spread of invasive species like the Water Chestnut.